Quality Control

About Our Quality Control System 

Seed has established a professional quality management team to carry out comprehensive quality management. The facility holds a raw material testing room, physical and chemical laboratory, high precision CMM inspection room, and a metallographic analysis test room. Seed has established experienced and professional quality teams who ensure the effective operation of our quality management system, quality inspections, quality engineering, NDE, and other critical to quality functions.

Seed greatly recognizes the importance of quality and has constructed a team of industry experienced professional to carry out our quality management system. Seed has meticulously joined 41 full-time experience quality assurance personnel carrying out functions such as experimental analysts, process inspectors,supplier inspectors, final inspectors, and quality engineers overall accounting for 17% of the total production personnel. Moreover, Seed continues to invest in testing & scientific research equipment while building our teams with professional experts.Seed does not compromise quality and continues to build confidence in its customers to provide high-quality, high-performance, extended-life products to the industry globally.

Seed always adheres to the quality philosophy of "innovation is the life force of our company;our products represent character; satisfying customers’needs is our obligation; maintain perseverance". After years of exploration,Seed has established a set of practical quality assurance systems and standardized professional inspection process.

1  Quality System

Seed maintains third party certifications for the below quality system.

· ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification.

· AS9100D(EN9100-2018)aerospace quality management system certification.

· ISO14001-2015 environmental management system certification and ISO45001-2018 occupational health and safety management system certification.

· API-Q1 petroleum industry quality management specification, API-7-1 specification for rotating components.

2  Physical and Chemical Laboratory

Seed has the ability to analyze and test the physical properties and chemical composition of cemented carbide and metal materials. Our testing capabilities include; metallographic analysis, density, hardness, bending strength, porosity, carbon content, cobalt magnetic testing, magnetic force testing, tensile strength, impact energy, and other specialized test available upon request. Seed has a number of experienced experts in the materials field to conduct professional analysis of physical and chemical properties of materials.

3  Quality engineering

Seed formed a team of quality engineers to track and control the quality of products. Each customer is assigned a professional quality engineer to conduct all-round control from the aspects of early order evaluation, customer quality specification review, quality standard establishment, handling of abnormal issues in the production process, and follow-up shipment quality.

4  Quality inspection

Seed facilitates a rigorous quality inspection system on a four-stage model that ensures a complete cycle of inspections to eliminate any escapes of quality.  For the production and processing control process, we have established incoming inspection (IQC), in-process inspection (IPQC), final inspection (FQC), and outbound inspection (OQC). This strategy strictly controls the quality of raw materials, implements proper parameters for each process, establishes the inspection process, and is conducted under orderly control in  accordance to inspection specifications and customer requirements to ensure that the quality of products meets the customer’s needs. 

 4.1 IQC Inspection Process


4.2 First Article Inspection(FAI)and Process Inspection(IPQC)Process


4.3 Final Quality Control(FQC),Outgoing Quality Control(OQC)Process


5  Nondestructive Examination(NDE)

Seed is equipped and capable of performing UT,MT,PT inspections professionally trained personnel who are certificated to NDE II and NDE III in accordance with ISO9712, ASNT and other standard qualificiations.

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