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Seed Technologies Corp., Ltd. was established on July 18, 2006 as a private national high-tech enterprise (certification number: GR201843002142). The company was registered in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, China, and has a wholly-owned subsidiary in Houston, Texas USA. The company has provided global "customized" professional products and technical services for oil, natural gas drilling, chemical smelting, construction machinery, and other industries for 14 consecutive years. Seed has long-term cooperations with more than 10 Fortune 500 companies, and more than 70% of its products are exported to Europe and the United States. Customers are located in nearly 30 countries and regions including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Romania, Russia, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabian, and UAE.


The company currently has 26 invention patents, including 5 international patents. Some of our credits and awards are as follows:

1.    The independent research and development technology "Cemented Carbide Composite Forming Technology" has been appraised by experts from the National Association for Science and Technology to reach the domestic leading level.

2.    The "Cemented Carbide High Strength Alloy Additive Manufacturing Technology" is leading the world in the forefront.

3.    Our "High-end cemented carbide wear-resistant parts composite forming technology" won the Hunan Provincial Technology Invention Award.

4.    Our invention patent for "a composite hard surface material and its preparation method" won the first prize of Hunan Provincial Patent Award.

The company has been identified as "Hunan Province New Material Enterprise", "Hunan Province Contract-abiding and Credit-keeping Enterprise", "Hunan Province Little Giant Enterprise", and the "Hunan AAA Level Honest Enterprise" to name only a few.

Since its establishment, Seed has insisted on "meeting customers’ needs as its mission.  Adhering to the craftsman spirit of excellence and the spirit of proactive innovation, we take the R&D and application of advanced hard wear-resistant structural materials as our core technology. Specializing in professional surface strengthening of metal materials and remanufacturing accumulates and precipitates on high-end wear-resistant core components. Seed carries out key system integration and precision manufacturing with our array of process capabilities. Seed has a professional R&D team covering materials, machinery, fluid mechanics, and other professional fields. We also carry out long-term in-depth industry-university-research cooperation’s with several well-known Colleges and Universities.

After ten years of sharpening our sword while relying on our own excellent technology and service strength, Seed has become a leading enterprise in the deep processing of high-end wear-resistant parts. We serve the different fields of the oil and gas drilling industry while forming our own characteristics and core business advantages. Seed personnel will continue "Providing solutions for severe working conditions" as our responsibility, and we firmly believe that "materials change the world, while applications help the industry take off" to overall achieve Seed’s dream "Scorpion Valley"!

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