Based on the demands of the global market, Seed Technologies Corp., Ltd. established a wholly-owned subsidiary,ASEEDER.
ASEEDER Corporation was established in Houston,Texas-USA in 2015 to further enhance the brand influence and core competitiveness of SEED’s products in North America and the world.The establishment of ASEEDER in North America was an important way to realize Seed’s global development strategy. After the establishment of ASEEDER, Seed focused on supplying the American market while taking advantage of ASEEDER’s proximity to its customers headquarters. ASSEDER promotes a strong business development capability, fast market response, timely information grasp, and it can effectively develop the application of Seed business in major international industries.

ASEEDER Supporting Services

•Warehousing and Logistics-North America

ASEEDER facilitates a stocking warehouse in Houston,TX.Our customers stock products can be shipped directly from our ASEEDER warehouse significantly shortening the transportation time and overall speeds up the timeline of logistics.ASEEDER is dedicated to supporting our customers with management of Safety stocks for those products that are categorized as high runners and produced in high volumes.The local Houston warehousing model promotes a more efficient and expedited experience ready to support various business strategies.

•Engineering Technical Services

ASEEDER has an international advanced R&D team composed of PhD’s and Engineers covering a wide array of professional fields with multiple years of experience in materials,manufacturing,and product development.ASEEDER is a technical support provider supporting our North American customers and helps solve various problems and challenges.At the same time,the international R&D team provides cutting-edge technical consultation and assistance for the smooth progress of domestic R&D projects.

•After-Sales Service

The establishment of ASEEDER has greatly improved the satisfaction of our North American customers. ASEEDER provides a flexible medium to handle situations locally while providing services in a timely manner, saving costs, reducing losses, and managing after-sales service to satisfy our customers. Equipped with a complete after-sales service system and a professional after-sales team, we are ready to  solve any challenge immediately. The establishment of ASEEDER allows Seed to have an international brand trademark, which greatly improves the corporate image and is Seed's business identity to the world. As ASEEDER focuses on the North American Market, we continue to strategies and develop our company to cooperate with Germany, Britain, France, and other European countries. Moreover, Seed's brand and footprint will continue to extend more widely across the globe and become a stable partner of Europe and third world countries. With excellent product quality, competitive price, accurate delivery times, and perfect pre-sales and after-sales systems, we bring in the ever best service to North America and the world.

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