Precision Machining

Precision Machining

Precision machining is a rigorous and complex process which is widely used in the processing of various mechanical parts. Conventional processing cannot produce high-precision products. More and more customers are requiring high-precision products which makes precision machining as a must-have production capability. Seed has high-precision equipment and comprehensive processing capabilities such as CNC numerical control machining centers, turning-milling composite machining centers, inclined rail turning centers, and other specialized equipment. Seed is equipped with an experienced machining engineering technical team to provide strong technical support for precision machining.

Material (commonly used)

· Carbon steel:45#、20#、1020.

· Alloy steel:4140/4145、4330V、4340

· Alloy tool steel:D2、S7

· Die steel:H13

· Austenitic stainless steel:316L、304、UNS31803

· Martensitic stainless steel:17-4PH、410、420

· Duplex stainless steel:2205

· High temperature alloy:Inconel718、625、725、925

· Non-magnetic steel:P550

· Titanium alloy:TC4、TC11、TA6

· Copper, aluminum

Seed has a professional procurement team and a huge supplier network, which can purchase different types of steel and imported steel in the market according to customer requirements.

Product Features (Deep hole, Eccentric)

· We have obtained the API Q1-3702 qualification certificate, as well as the specific thread processing qualification of several customers. We have rich experience in thread processing.

· We specialize in processing high-precision shaft parts with length up to 3 meters (please consult us if the part length exceeds this range)

· The length/radius aspect ratio of deep blind hole machining can reach 40

· Deep blind hole machining process can be used to produce various high-precision, special materials, eccentric holes, elbows, special-shaped, and complex geometric parts.

Machining Equipment



· We have more than 300 sets of advanced R&D and production equipment, such as turning-milling composite machining center, five-axis machining center, four-axis vertical machining center, CNC horizontal boring and milling machine, Taiwan all-round CNC lathe, deep hole drilling, boring and honing machines, and other specialized machinery;

· Seed can machine complicated long shaft structural parts diameters ≤400mm and length ≤3000mm

Inspection Capability



· Professional inspection team

· High-end Inspection equipment

· Complete inspection process

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