Carbide & Metal Assemblies

Multi-dimensional composite technology application

Seed is committed to providing solutions for harsh working conditions to customers since its establishment, Critical parts and assemblies are designed with carbide, steel, surface treatment, and a variety of composite technologies integrated to produce the best fit parts to meet the application needs.  These parts are produced to serve oil and gas, the chemical industry, aerospace, rail transportation, construction machinery, environmental protection, and other industries. This is one of Seed's key technologies and can be used to optimize designs for different technologies and solutions. The products are applied in harsh working conditions, and create countless success stories.


Shrink fit

Shrink fit is a common used method to assemble steel with carbide. We can design the interference to match its working conditions according to the requirements of the customer’s working conditions. Some products are subjected to high pressures exceeding 103MPa after shrink fit.



We can provide different brazing materials. Brazing methods include high-frequency induction brazing, flame brazing, resistance brazing, and vacuum brazing which can be applied to products.
Shear strength is ≥200MPa. Steel + cemented carbide, steel + PDC, PDC + cemented carbide, cemented carbide + cemented carbide, steel + steel and other technical process combinations can be flexibly applied to customers' different working conditions and product requirements. We continue to provide our customers with more comprehensive high-quality precision parts and assemblies.




The adhesive connection method on cemented carbide and steel is a simple way to operate at a low cost. Adhesive connections are adopted for some products which greatly reduces production risks and costs. Tensile shear strength is ≥24MPa.


Mechanical connection  

In some severe working conditions, the design of the connection mode of critical components is particularly important. We produce valves and structural parts for petroleum, coal chemical industry, and other industries. It has a unique connection structure design scheme and can be designed according to different working conditions. Seed provides connection methods to help customers increase the service life of their tools and enhance their competitiveness in the market.


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