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"The sky is unlimited for birds to fly at ease, as the ocean is boundless for fish to leap at will", SEED Technology provides talented people with challenging jobs and prospectively personal career development opportunities. We expect your value to be displayed and appreciated here.

Employees are the preciously competitive strength of SEED. Based on our sustainability strategy, we are eager to have all kinds of talents from diverse fields join us to create more possibilities, we welcome your application.

New graduates

If you are an active and creative student and are looking for the beginning of your career, then we may have your ideal career opportunity;

Seed focuses on the training of students and recent graduates. We provide practical opportunities to realize apprenticeship training, summer jobs, internship plans, and more learning platforms and growth opportunities from different fields and positions.


  • Sourcing Specialist

    Sourcing Specialist


    1.Responsible for the developing new suppliers, optimize and integrate existing suppliers, and establish supplier management library.

    2.Responsible for organizing engineering and quality personnel to perform on site audits and submit supplier admittance report.

    3.Claim and negotiate the non-conforming items of the products produced by the supplier.

    4. Communicate with mature suppliers on daily inquiries and quotations, and negotiate with suppliers beyond the scope of technical evaluation.

    5.Responsible for the material transfer and inspection of Import and marketing varieties and products in the workshop, and follow up the outsourcing order cycle.

    Job Requirements:

    Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical or related, two years or above experience in outsourcing / purchasing in machining industry


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  • Senior Material Engineer

    Senior Material Engineer


    1.Perform market research and analysis on the application of new materials and new processes to products;
    2.Follow up the application of new materials and new processes on products, and conduct experiments, tests, and optimize design;
    3.Promote the introduction of new materials and processes, and evaluate their performance and quality;

    4.Solve the technical problems related to materials in the process of new product development and mass production;

    5.Explore reliable and easy-to-use low-cost material solutions;
    6.Finish other tasks assigned by management.

    job requirements:
    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in materials
    2. Experienced in material properties modification or test (such as hardness, strength, and fatigue);

    3.Having the work experience in large enterprises is preferred.

    4.Be excellent at communication and expression, clear logical thinking, good work literacy.


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  • Software Engineer

    Software Engineer


    1. Complete the design and development tasks of corresponding modules according to the development plan.

    2. Preparation of development documents (outline design, detailed design, data design, etc.);

    3. Responsible for the development and maintenance of IT management system.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years of application development experience, at least participated in module design and code

     development of more than one large software project;

    2. Have Java language or C language platform development programming experience.


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  • Audit Supervisor

    Audit Supervisor


    1.Familiar with the companys internal audit management regulations and annual audit plan to conduct routine and special audits on the company and its subsidiaries;

    2.Draw up the work plan and implementation steps of participating audit projects, and implement audit tests as planned;

    3.Check the companys management system and related business process design and implementation.

    4.Prepare audit reports and put forward audit findings and recommendations;

    5.Complete other tasks assigned by management.

    job requirements:
    1.Bachelor degree or above in finance or audit related major, more than 3 years audit experience, and a good English foundation;
    2.Audit experience in manufacturing enterprises is preferred, familiar with internal process operation, can better understand the purpose of process design and key points of activities;
    3.Have good supervision and inspection capabilities, and be able to find key issues in the implementation of the system process;

    4.Good communication and coordination ability and cooperation spirit, strong work planning and logical analysis ability;

    5. Have a strong sense of responsibility and confidentiality, being of strong principles.


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  • Process Engineer

    Process Engineer


    1.Proficient in machining equipment such as turning, milling, planing, grinding, etc., able to deal with quality problems on site, and repair plans for substandard products;

    2.Be able to independently complete machining process and analysis, be able to do technical review and technical scheme, including tool selection, equipment selection, processing technology scheme, product difficulty, risk point identification and evaluation, etc

    3. Responsible for on-site product technology innovation and process optimization to improve product qualification rate and production efficiency;

    4.Familiar with mechanical processing of various material properties, such as alloy steel, stainless steel, high temperature alloy steel, can master its cutting performance and processing deformation;

    5. Familiar with the inspection equipment, such as CMM, profilometer, etc., can ensure that the various geometric tolerance requirements of drawings meet the requirements

    6. Experienced in high temperature alloy steel processing, such as Ni718628725;

    7. Have experience in the production of shaft type high precision parts, such as shaft length about 2000mm, accuracy within 0.02mm

     (dimensional and geometric tolerance requirements);

    8.Familiar with NC lathe and milling programming;

    9. Can do fixture design, inspection tool design, etc.;

    job requirements:

    1. Major in mechanical engineering;

    2. College degree or above;

    3. 30-50 years old, more than 10 years related working experience;

    4. Engineer Titile or above is preferred;

    5. Strong analytical ability, adaptability and decision-making ability;

    6. Strong management and interpersonal skills.


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  • QA Engineer

    QA Engineer


    1.Participate in quality analysis, prepare quality control plan, design quality control card to determine quality control points;
    2.Determine control procedures and necessary tooling to ensure process quality and final inspection control;
    3.Coordinate with relevant departments to analyze quality problems, and supervise the implementation and effect of improvement measures;
    4.Continuously monitor the progress of all quality objectives and implement necessary improvement measures;

    5.Responsible for the maintenance and control of product-related quality documents and records.

    job requirements:
    1.Bachelor degree or above in machining related industries; English good;
    2.More than 3 years of work experience in quality-related positions;
    3.Familiar with the ISO9000 quality management system; understand the operation method of the ISO9000 quality system in the enterprise; understand the product process; familiar with the use of quality management tools and methods, such as 6sigma, etc.; proficient in using office software;

    4.Earnest and responsible for job, rigorous and meticulous, strong analytical and problem-solving skills; Good teamwork spirit;


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  • Mechanical Engineers

    Mechanical Engineers


    1.Carry out equipment development, design, improvement and perfection according to customer requirements;
    2.Responsible for following up the production of processing drawings and assembly drawings;

    3.Responsible for the design of hydraulic system

    1.Major in mechanical manufacturing, bachelor degree or above;
    2.Familiar with mechanical principles, solid basic knowledge of machinery; 
    3.Proficient in computer-aided design; familiar with CAD, Slidworks or other 3D software design, proficient in using 2D and 3D drawing software;
    4.Work conscientiously and responsibly, rigorous and meticulous, with good innovative spirit and team spirit;

    5.Experience in hydraulic system design is preferred.


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  • CNC Engineer

    CNC Engineer
    1.Major in machining, mechatronics or numerical control, college degree or above;
    2.Familiar with CNC programming and operation (proficiency in programming of four-axis and five-axis machining centers, and a turning-milling composite machining center is better), with 5 years or more of CNC machining experience, process design capabilities, and independent development of proofing New product;
    3.Ability in using 2D and 3D drawing software and office software;

    4.Those who can read English drawings or use English as working language are preferred.


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