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Seed Technologies is a renowned name stretching across multiple industries suppling high-quality cemented carbide products to more than a thousand customers in both domestic and international market. Seed is proud of their multiple successes missions with customers in solving problems for the most challenging conditions.

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Seed Technologies Corp. Ltd. was established in 2006 as a private high-tech enterprise,  located in Dongjiaduan High-tech Park, Zhuzhou National High-tech Zone, Hunan Province, China. Seed’s campus is comprised of an 8 acre area of which production and R&D sites consume 7.4 acres. 

In 2015, Seed established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Aseeder Corporation,  in the energy capital of the world,  Houston (Texas-USA).  The establishment of Aseeder in North America was an important way to realize SEED’s global development strategy.

To become a pillar in the industry as a pioneer of new cutting edge technologies to add value for our customers. We look to continue to utilize our expertise in the development of new technologies by supporting  existing and new productions.As a core supplier to our customers, we will promote advancements in the industry and inspire progression in the high- end equipment industry. 

Committed to the research, development and application of new cemented carbide materials, with the responsibility of providing customized solutions for harsh working conditions!

• Based on the research and application of materials, inject innovative genes, break through the industrial boundaries of material applications, and realize the use of technology to provide customers with value-added services;
• Taking advantage of cemented carbide, research and development projects exceed international standards, make professional cemented carbide products, serve global customers, and become the worlds cemented carbide solution expert;
• Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "meeting the needs of customers as a duty", it seeks development with innovative ideas and practices, pursues the perfection of products and the eternal satisfaction of customers.


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