Cemented Carbide

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Cemented Carbide

Cemented carbides are composite materials that consists of hard carbide particles bonded together by a metallic binder through a powder metallurgy process. Cemented carbides have exceptional properties with high hardness, wear resistance, strength, and toughness.

Cemented carbide can be used to make drilling tools, mining tools, measuring tools, wear-resistant parts, metal molds, cylinder linings, precision bearings, nozzles, and many more harsh environment parts and tools. Seed cemented carbide products mainly include nozzles, bushings & sleeves, MWD parts, valve trims, sealing rings, molds, inserts, mill rollers, and other customized components.

Machining capability of solid tungsten carbide parts:
Maximum Size:Φ17.7 * 17.7 inch
Minimum Size: Φ0.02 * 0.01 * 0.03 inch

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