Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

To meet the special requirements of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high strength and high hardness, it is necessary to perform surface enhancement on tools and the surfaces of parts. The treatment makes the parts suitable for severe working conditions of various industries like machinery manufacturing,aerospace and navigation, transportation energy, and petrochemicals.

Seed has a variety of surface enhancement technologies.Among them, we are specialized in PTA overlay welding, HVOF Spray, TIG, flame cladding, vacuum cladding, solid/salt bath boronizing, and thermal diffusion hardening. Seed is committed to help its customers with solutions for different working conditions.

PTA overlay welding

· Highly automated equipment / Low dilution rate / High bonding strength (Metallurgical bonding between base metal & hardfacing) / Small HAZ / Wide application range of powder materials


· High efficiency / Low cost/ high bonding strengt (Metallurgical bonding 

  between base metal&hard layer) / Impact resistance / Flexible in operation.

Flame spray

· High efficiency / High bonding strength (Metallurgical bonding

  between base metal & hard layer) / Low cost / dense coating.

Vacuum cladding

· High efficiency / High bonding strength (Metallurgical bonding 

  between base metal&hard layer) / Dense coating/ Used for irregular structures.

Solid & salt bath boronizing,

· High efficiency / Low cost / High hardness / Used for irregular shapes.

Composite thermal diffusion

· Ultra-high hardness / Gradient distribution / Excellent resistance to

  heavy load strain / Used for irregular structures.


· Reliable equipment (Praxair JP8000) & process / Dense coating / 

  No thermal influence on the substrate. 

  Excellent bonding strength (mechanical bonding of the substrate and the hard surface)

Application and case study for PTA overlay welding


Application Fields of PTA 

PTA technology is mainly used in working conditions where abrasive wear and impact pressure coexist. The embedded carbide tiles and cast tungsten carbide particles are evenly distributed in the nickel-based or cobalt-based binder phase, which greatly improves the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the hardfacing.

Drilling tool-radial bearing, Adjustable housing

■ High bonding strength (metallurgical bonding)

■ Shallow heat affected zone

■ Desirable microstructure and excellent mechanical properties of the substrate

■ Almost no cracks and porosities

■ Excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance



Plunger Pump-Plunger

■ High scratch resistance

 High bonding strength (metallurgical bonding)

■ No cracks or porosities,corrosion and wear resistance


Valve trims-plug

■ Resistance to high temperature fluid erosion

■ Low coefficient of friction

■ No cracks or porosities,corrosion and wear resistance

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