Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Energy is the basis for human survival. Oil and gas energy is not inexhaustible, so more and more energy extraction is becoming more difficult and increasingly demanding tools that can operate under extreme conditions.

Since 2006, Seed has maintained its commitment to its vision of providing solutions for severe working conditions. Seed continues to serve key components, general structural parts, and design solutions for the oil and gas industry. Seed Manages to supply customers under different working conditions in the oil and gas fields by providing complete solutions in terms of service life, cost, and safety to the customers. The focused application types include MWD/LWD tools, drilling tools, and completion tools.

Advantages of the program
  • Independent research and development

    Independent research and development

    · The company has super material research and development capabilities,
    · With independent research and development of new materials and advanced 3D printing technology
    · Serve the aerospace industry to provide stronger support


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