Additive Manufacturing

Seed Technologies Corp., Ltd. started its endeavor in developing a unique additive manufacturing technology (3D printing) in 2015. Seed put together an elite team of professionals focused on R&D, design, and development of additive manufacturing material. This team was paired with state-of-the-art additive manufacturing equipment to develop patented technologies to serve multiple industries. Seed currently serves a variety of industries such as aviation, oil &gas, geological exploration, machinery, automotive engineering, and construction.

Materials for Additive Manufacturing Technology  

Wear-resistant material / Titanium alloy / High temperature alloy 

Refractory metals / Aluminum alloy / Copper alloy / Tool steels etc

Capabilities of Additive Manufacturing  

Materials for printing: wear-resistant materials, titanium alloy, High temperature alloy, refractory metal, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, tool steel, and other materials

Printing Equipment: State of the Art printing equipment supported by an experienced and professional technical team

Printing software: STL model compatible

Advantages of our printing technology: 1) Rapid prototyping; 2) Complex structures; 3) small batch production, fast operation at low cost; 4) material saving; 5) distributed production, does not require centralized manufacturing workshops

    Main 3D Printing Technology

           Electron beam melting technology

           Laser metal deposition technology

           Selective laser melting technology

Our Advantages 

1、 We can support new product designs, freely design complex shapes, make molds with arbitrary complex surface shapes, provide unique manufacturing solutions for products with complex structures, and help customers achieve their design goals for new products.

2、 3D Printing can effectively manage the use of materials, reduce energy consumption, and reduce manufacturing costs to the greatest extent; small batch manufacturing can realize rapid forming of parts without molds.

3、3D printing technology simplifies the processing procedures. After the design is completed, it can be directly printed by the CAD model-driven equipment. This will significantly reduce tedious machining procedures while greatly improving efficiency to meet customer delivery time and cost expectations. Overall shortening production times to the market.

4、3D Printing can meet the personalized needs of customers, and the service system is comprehensive.

5、The metal parts manufactured by 3D printing have good inherent quality, fast forming speed, and enhanced wear-resistance. Printable Metal composite materials are resistant to wear, erosion, and impact, and have a longer service life. These materials are widely used in aerospace, machinery, automotive engineering, Geological prospecting and other fields.

Technical Services Provided 

1、Process consulting services: provide guidance on the selection of 3D printing products and the scope of applicable products; provide the characteristics of materials according to customers selection; provide services such as the development of 3D printing basic processes and the overall design of the first product.

2、Design optimization service: By taking advantages of additive manufacturing technology over the limitations of traditional manufacturing, we provide design optimization services.

3、Business consulting services: Provide consulting services for the entire additive manufacturing cycle, including material selection, material performance, applicable parts, applicable industries, product design and modeling.

4、Repair and remanufacturing services: repair and remanufacturing of repairable materials such as titanium alloy, superalloy, stainless steel, and alloy steel to improve production efficiency.

Quality, Innovation 

Seed is committed to the innovation and design of 3D printing and has established an innovation and research team to further explore in depth the application of additive manufacturing in various industries. Focusing on technological innovation services, the uniqueness of additive manufacturing processes together with the superior properties of the specialized materials makes the manufactured tools more suitable for the unique environment in the industry. It is our goal to provide special additive manufacturing tool parts for the most challenging working conditions and strive to become a strategic partner to provide our customers with solutions.

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