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  Foxconn has asked some of its employees at its Shenzhen plant to take a holiday from May 1 to September 1, sparking a four-month furlough. In response, foxconn Technology Group officials said that its mainland factories are operating normally and there are no plans for mass layoffs or furloughs.

  As the foreign epidemic becomes more and more serious, the sales volume of Apple's mobile phones has been greatly reduced, resulting in the decrease of orders. Therefore, Foxconn will take corresponding measures as a matter of course. Under the ravage of the epidemic of globalization, how to respond quickly and stand out as an enterprise is an issue that every enterprise needs to think seriously.

  Seed company is an enterprise mainly engaged in foreign trade business and mainly follows the traditional path to develop the market. Due to the outbreak of the global epidemic, offline marketing has been greatly hindered. Faced with this situation, the senior executives of the company responded quickly and actively adjusted marketing strategies to greatly increase online marketing channels. Specific measures were taken as follows:

  (1) Adjust the organizational structure of the company and make the division of labor clear and clear

  The sudden outbreak has also made companies pay more attention to cost and personnel structure. Although the foreign trade orders are now in the gap period, but the capacity is still insufficient, there are problems such as unreasonable organizational structure, overstaffed organizations, etc., The person in charge of Seed enterprise immediately adjusted the personnel structure and reclassified the organizational structure. Adjust the personnel structure, retain "high-level" management talents and technical backlogs, replan some temporarily idle posts, let each post give play to its own value, and promote the orderly development of the enterprise.

  (2) We will vigorously develop the domestic market while foreign markets move online

  When the foreign market was hit hard by the epidemic, the company's leaders refocused the development of the market, vigorously guided the development of the domestic market, actively deployed, and transferred the main business development to the basically stable domestic market. In the aspect of foreign market, it moves online to implement effective overseas promotion programs, including the construction of foreign trade website, Google promotion, overseas social media promotion, etc.
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