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Seed Technologies Corp., LTD., located in Zhuzhou (China), is a high-tech developer, manufacturer, and distributor of superior wear resistant parts, tool assembly and equipment. 

Ever since the company was founded, Seed keeps pursuing growth and development based on the core business philosophy of innovation, determination, dedication to details and intelligence manufacturing. Seed is specialized in the manufacture and high-precision machining of products made of cemented carbide, high temperature metal alloys, new energy materials, metal matrix composite materials, and nonferrous metal alloys. Outstanding outcome has been achieved in research, equipment development, production and sales.  

With passion and creativity, Seed team has reached advanced international standards in 3D printing of refractory metal alloys and high temperature composite material. Such technology has been evaluated and highly recognized by the expertise from China Association of Science and Technology. At the same time, Seed is the very first inventor worldwide of 3D printing (additive manufacturing) of refractory metal/high temperature metal matrix composites with multiple constituents.  This invention opens a new era of global carbide technology and will exert profound impact in the field of powder metallurgy and its applications.

The products and technologies from Seed (Aseeder), a well-known international brand, have been widely applied in the fields of oil & gas, chemical engineering, subsea, nuclear power, military and aerospace industries. Our market is strategically targeted at Fortune 500 companies. Seed has steadily evolved to be the leading export enterprise in China of wear-resistant cemented carbide products and the related high-precision machining techniques. 

Seed is dedicated to providing solutions for challenging conditions via our superior technologies of high-precision machining, additive manufacturing, and intelligence production, which have led Seed to become a premium global supplier and service provider in the field of cemented carbide products and new energy metallic materials. 

Seed enjoys unique corporate culture, which is the powerful driving force for continuous advancement. As excellent team players with self-motivation, Seed people are committed to creating shared values for customers, employees and our society with focus on technology, professionality and internationalization.