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Hunan Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology focus on zhuzhou industrial development of new material. They will lend full support enterprise to bigger and stronger.

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On August 31, Mr. Xie Chaoying , director of Hunan Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, investigated & research the industrial development situation of new material in zhuzhou. Accompanied by Mr.Mao Tengfei, the Secretary of Zhuzhou Municipal Party Committee.

The group of Mr. Xie Chaoying visited “Seed Technologies CORP., LTD.” and “Zhuzhou Hongda Polymer Materials co., LTD”. They walk into the workshop and communicated with the enterprise leaders. They learn more about the research and development of new material and situation of enterprise operation. Seed is a professional high tech enterprise which major in high-end research and development of cemented carbide products. Their customers are mainly from the world top 500 enterprises.  Build the international brand in North America market. Now the enterprise phase ii workshop is planning and construction.

Mr. Xie Chaoying said, zhuzhou has a batch of new materials enterprises; which glow the vitality through technical innovation. Zhuzhou should grasp the opportunity of strong manufacturing province of hunan, guide the enterprises increase the research intensity of key generic technology, go through the industrial chain, strengthen the basic, frontier technology research, occupy the leading technology of the industry; To enhance and integrate resources ability, put the enterprise, capital, scientific research institutions fully work together, transformation of the existing achievements become the new productive forces as soon as possible, to foster new material industry become a new industrial development growth point of zhuzhou, contribute Zhuzhou strength to promote hunan province by big manufacturing province becoming to strong manufacturing province. Hunan Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology will provide enterprise project, capital, policy support to Zhuzhou, to help enterprises getting bigger and stronger, to build a good brand.

Mr. Mao Tengfei thanks to Hunan Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology’s concern and support to zhuzhou. He said, Zhuzhou will closely go around and implementation of hunan "five years plan of the strong manufacturing province construction action” , stand on industrial base and advantage, strengthen the top-level design, use the innovation as the first engine , find out strength point, and find the way of building characteristic manufacturing of Zhuzhou city. He encouraged to the head of the two enterprises that catch the opportunity, take the market as soon as possible when the technology condition is mature, and make enterprise develop to strong rapidly. He asked the related departments and the district party committee, the district government to well promote "enterprise support year" activities to enterprises, to further implement the good policy from superior, to help enterprises and solve difficult problem during development, provides the omnibearing and high-quality services in technical research and market development to the enterprises.

They also accompanied by Mr.Zhou Xiaoli, Mr.Tian Weijun , from Zhuzhou municipality leaders, Mr.LiZhi, director of the Administrative Commission of the Zhuzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Mr.He Zhaohui ,director, and Mr.Zhou Wenjun, vice-director from Zhuzhou city Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology.