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Zhuzhou cemented carbide and other fields from scale to technology in the international leading position

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Recently, Hunan Province high tech Venture Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "provincial high venture capital"), vice president Pan Siping led the team to Zhuzhou again docking advanced equipment manufacturing industry fund matters. Wan hui,Deputy director of Zhuzhou Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, presided over the meeting, Director He Zhaohui present and delivered a speech at the meeting. 

In Zhuzhou City ,the fields of Rail transportation, hard alloy and small aviation engine from the scale to technology in international are among the leading position; underglazed colorful ceramic, the apparel industry cluster in the domestic and international influence; the rapid rise of the biological medicine, electronic information, new energy, new materials and other emerging industries, with a number of good growth "specialization, the new" small and micro enterprises. The urgent need to set up a fund industry market-oriented operation, integrating multi-force for high-quality small and medium micro enterprises to build financing platform, docking capital markets, to help enterprises bigger and stronger. At present, has been the first phase of screening out the most growth of 100 high-quality small and micro enterprises in the future will be given priority attention and support.

Provincial high venture capital said, Zhuzhou is a fertile land for investment because of the good industrial base. Sincerely hope to cooperate with Zhuzhou established advanced equipment manufacturing industry fund, providing investment and financing services for Zhuzhou industrial revitalization and high-quality enterprises. After discussions and consultations, the proposed in Zhuzhou City to build a total size of 10 billion yuan of advanced equipment manufacturing industry fund, which 70% of the funds investment to local enterprises in Zhuzhou, and decided on January 25, in the small and medium enterprises in Zhuzhou Carnival signed a strategic cooperation agreement.