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New models after the C919: 51% composite material use or not?

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At present, domestic aircraft fully use import composite material, domestic composite material there are still have some common problems.

May 23 afternoon, Mr. Li Dongsheng, Chinese merchant flying firm ( COMAC) North Center Deputy Director, revealed at the tenth " Chinese Professional  and the 21st century Shanghai development" summit, which held by European and American reunion” . After the C919, COMAC next step the application of composite material will increase to around 51%”

In 2005,China started the self-develop large civil airplane project, but faced with the low beginning of aircraft manufacturing industry、lack of experience accumulate and scientific data.

From the point of aircraft manufacturing materials supply, Mr. Li dongsheng pointed out that composite material including carbon fiber, resin and other materials, in the proportion of domestic civil aircraft used on the body is getting bigger. 

At present, the domestic new regional aircraft ARJ21-700 is still dominated by metal material, but the large aircraft C919 use of 12% of the composite material.

He also pointed out that the current domestic aircraft fully use import composite materials, domestic composite material there are still some common problems.

For example, domestic composite material lack experience in civil aircraft, especially in large civil airplane, production process control system is imperfect, cause a large material properties dispersion, low allowable value; domestic materials overall level of development lag behind; brand is numerous, credible data is too little and not be able to share; in terms of price, domestic composite materials lack of competitiveness.

It is reported that Mr Li dongsheng has been employed in the Airbus Company for more then 10 years, engaged in composite structure strength analysis for a long time.

He pointed out that the development of aviation materials play a strong role in the support and protection of aviation technology, the development of aviation technology needs to promote and lead the development of aerospace materials. With the development of aviation technology, the traditional metal materials are being more "light" and "strong" replaced by the advanced composite material. The amount of the composite material has become an important symbol of the advanced nature of the new generation civil airplane. It is also a key parameters to main civil airplane manufacturer for the of a new round of international civil aviation market share, it is imperative that collective structures composite material of civil airplane 

On the other hand, Metal materials are still indispensable, the technical revolution in civil airplane frame structure application in the spring, such as the application of 3D printing technology." Mr Li dongsheng said.

Mr. Li dongsheng introduced, the current domestic aircplane choose the composite materials, mainly from the aspects such as safety, economy, comfort and environmental protection etc.