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The new material "13th and5th Year Plan" will be issued, market will reach trillion RMB

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As China's seven strategic emerging industries and the ten major areas of China's manufacturing 2025 focus on the development of one of the new material is the transformation and upgrading of the industrial base of the whole manufacturing industry. Recently, the reporter learned from the Ministry of industry and other authoritative department that the new materials industry "13th and 5th year plan"basic end, has been sent to the relevant authorities review, is expected to be announced in the first half of this year.

Actually, in "13th and 5th year plan", the new material as the foundation of emerging industries such as advanced manufacturing industry, the process of its development and industry will become the key support to realize manufacturing powerhouse. Analysts say the next five years China's planned 100 major projects and projects, more than half and emerging industries related to the size of the market will be put into RMB one hundred million , therefore, the government's support, has increased.

For a long time, our country attaches great importance to the development of new materials industry, introduced many measures to promote the development of new material industry. The news show, new material industry “13thand 5th year plan ”to upgrade from the basic material, development strategy and selection front of new materials, development of new material industry in China during the" 13th and 5th year plan”.

The purpose of the new materials industry “13th and 5th year plan” is promote the overall upgrading of China's new materials industry, the industry has laid the foundation for manufacturing industry and the development of the real economy." a material expert not to be named say. At the same time through the new materials upgrading, speed up the iron and steel, nonferrous metals, petrochemical, light industry, building materials, textile and other basic manufacturing to high-end field industry , and for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry as a whole for the subsequent development of sustainable power.

Base material field, during the "13th and 5th year plan" will strive to resolve three major problems they are comprehensive overcapacity, product structure unreasonable, high-end field cannot achieve self-sufficiency. They include iron and steel industry, nonferrous metals industry, petrochemicals industry, light industry, building materials industry, textile industry and other basic materials industry. Focus on six categories of 25 classified material such as developing advanced iron and steel, advanced nonferrous metals, advanced petrochemicals, advanced light industry, advanced building materials, advanced textile materials and so on.

"Plan" put forward by the end of "13th and 5th year plan", to effectively control the overall size of base material industry, and forming of high performance, differentiation, functional based materials manufacturing capability, advanced led base material such as iron and steel, non-ferrous, petrochemical manufacturing industry to achieve industrial upgrading transformation, advanced overall realize self-sufficiency, base material and forms a certain ability to export.

Key strategic materials. It is divided into nine categories of 32 classified materials from the security ocean engineering, rail transportation, aerospace, nuclear power, new energy and other strategic emerging industries. It is focusing on high-end equipment with special alloy, high-performance separation membrane, high performance fiber and composite materials, new energy materials, the new generational biomedical materials, electronic ceramic, advanced semiconductor, rare earth and so on.

It is expected by the end of the "13th and 5th plan" the economic development of our country need hundreds of kinds of key strategic materials will be full realization of localization. key strategic materials comprehensive security capacity more than 70%. It can provide material support for the development of many key industries and to lay the foundation for the future development of industry.

In the forefront of new materials, will focus on development of graphene, 3D printing, superconductivity, intelligent bionic and 4 categories of 14 classification materials. The purpose is to meet the strategic emerging industries development in the future ten years, and for manufacturing full forward in high-end industrial preparation. And form a group of potential market size in the billions and billions of level of subdivision industry, to pull the manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading and the real economy sustainable development, provide the impetus for a long time.

Four new materials will meet the development opportunity

By the policy support, in the field of new materials will usher in good opportunities for development such as high-quality special steel, high strength alloy and so on new structural materials; superalloy; graphene and high-performance fibers, functional polymer materials and composite materials and so on chemical new materials

New base material, it mainly concentrated in new structure materials such as the high quality special steel, high strength alloy and so on. Public data show that China's per capita steel consumption is equivalent to two times the world average, but still in the field of high quality special steel is highly dependent on imports, there is still a big import substitution space in the future.

Superalloy. Superalloy is the top of the pyramid of whole steel materials. It is accounts for only 0.2% of the whole steel material market and a pearl on the crown.  The industry barriers is quite high, with high strength, high toughness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and other excellent performance. Along with the rapid growth of demand in the field of aerospace and other future superalloy industry will have broad demand growth space and import substitution space.

In the field of graphene, Ping An Securities issued reporter to the China United Business News(CUBN) show : In grapheme research our country and abroad in the same starting line. The height of the study enthusiasm did the industrialization progress than expected. Micro graphene sheet product path has been in an important industrialization period. It will take the lead in lighting applications in the field of new energy lithium battery.

Data shows, graphene is a kind of new nanoscale materials, has good light penetration, high thermal conductivity, low resistivity, high electron mobility, high mechanical strength characteristics, can play effective performance in many application fields to replace the original material, thus has replaced the silicon, become the "king of the 21st century new material".Graphene enclosed since 2010 the Nobel Prize in glory, it is widely used in the lithium battery, aviation parts, heat dissipation material, integrated circuit, etc.

The fourth development new materials field is new chemical materials such as high performance fiber、functional polymer materials and composite materials. The inside person says that the development of high performance fiber is a reflection of a nation's comprehensive strength and high performance fiber composite material is the development of national defense, aerospace, new energy and the important basic raw materials of high-tech industry. It has widely used in construction、At the same time in construction, communications, machinery, environmental protection, ocean development, sports leisure, and other areas of the national economy

Public information, global chemical fiber production growth is basically around 3% in the past ten years, and high performance fiber on a global scale is growing at close to 30%, over the next five to ten years is the golden period of high performance fiber development.Established in the "made in China" 2025 top ten field, with high performance fiber is closely related to the seven areas.Analysts expect that by 2020 China's high-performance fiber rate could reach 92%.

At the end of the "13th and 5th year plan" new material market will be put into one hundred million yuan

New material technology is one of the world recognized as one of the six major high technology fields, with a focus on the development performance of new structural materials and functional materials.It  significance lies in the once successful development will promote the whole manufacturing technology breakthrough, become the key support to realize manufacturing powerhouse.

National manufacturing powerhouse construction strategy advisory committee that has good prospects for the new materials industry.By the end of "13th and 5th year plan" market size will be put into the giant of one hundred million yuan. While graphene, 3D printing, the rapid development of cutting edge material has superconducting that expected to continue to produce in the future at all levels of the billions of new markets.

During the development of "13th and 5th year plan" new material industry, vice-minister Xin guobin has said that the new material industry is not only an important component of the strategic emerging industry in our country, to speed up the development of new manufacturing, at the same time promote the traditional industry upgrade, innovation, high-end equipment manufacturing development, to develop other strategic emerging industries has important significance. The development of new materials industry, also will be to solve the excess capacity, improve manufacturing productivity and other major issues.

Many participate in new material "13th and 5th year plan” experts said, because the new material industry involves numerous sectors of manufacturing industry and national economy, its development will not only make base material industry, manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading, will also to" much starker choices-and graver consequences-in "during the sustainable development of economy in our country have a positive impact.

Analysts pointed out that the new material "13th and 5th year plan", will further promote the development of new materials industry, and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, accelerate the development of emerging industries actively promote established strategy in our country. New materials industry and iron and steel, nonferrous, petrochemicals, light industry, building materials, textiles and other traditional manufacturing industry, and at the same time many emerging industries are inseparable. Therefore, development of new material industry has comprehensively promoting effect on the economic development of our country, has great significance for China's economic transition.